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48" x 20"
Reverse Flow
Patio Smoker
1,452 Square inches of cooking area, 2 slide out Shelves, heavy duty Casters, 48" x 20" round Smoke Chamber, 18" x 18" x 16" Fire Box, 1/4" thick steel walls, 2Tel-Tru Thermometers, Fire Box Grate.

The Reverse Flow gives you the ability to cook at a more even temperature. The hot air flows under the reverse flow plate and up the other side of the cooking chamber. The reverse flow plate will radiate heat which helps even out the temps throughout the cooking chamber.

Grates & Work Space are made from 1" angle iron and expanded metal, front folding work space.

Three coats of 1,200 deg. BBQ Paint
We are located in Modesto CA and can deliver item within a 75 mile radius for $150.00 (gas & time).

Custom made grates with 3/16" x 1/2" grillbars on 1/2" centers.

Charcoal burn box to help contain wood and coals.

Drain Ball Valve

1,200 deg. powder coating
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