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32"x 17" Offset Smoker
Offset Smoker
KAT BBQ Offset Smoker offers about 960 square inches of cooking area, 2 slide out shelves, mobile base with hard rubber tires, front casters, 35" x 17" round smoke chamber, 17" x 17" round fire box, 3/16" thick steel walls, one thermometers.

The Offset Smoker gives you the ability to cook with indirect heat, lower tempertures for an exstended period time.

Standard grates are made from 3/4 angle iron and expanded metal.

Standard 1,000 deg. BBQ Paint
We are located in Modesto CA and can deliver item within a 50 mile radius for $110.00 (gas & time).
Custom made grates with 3/4" angle iron and 3/16" x 1/2" grillbars.

Heat Defuser Plate

Charcoal burn box will hold a 13 lb bag of coals and burn for around 5 hours.

Work area shelf.

Extra thermostat

Powder Coat
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