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36 x 20 Reverse Flow
48 x 20 Reverse Flow
48 x 24 Reverse Flow
60 x 24 Reverse Flow
60 x 24 Reverse Flow w/Vertical
48 x 24 Vault Smoker
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32 x 16 Santa Maria
36 x 24 Santa Maria
BBQ Grills
All Smoker come with 3/4" or 1" NPT fitting on firebox for using a BBQ GURU or one of the other fan temperature control units.
Hinges are 3 piece and internally stopped and Custom Laser cut out of 1/4" steel
with 1/2" bolts.
KAT BBQ Smokers can make it easy for you to use your smoker at home and take it with you to Competitions or with you where ever you go with our Wagon Cart Option.

(Available For All Models - Call Us For A Quote)

We make a wide range of custom products with access to a full metal shop with Laser, Breaks, Shear and Stamping machines.

If you can dream it, we at KAT can build. We build Custom Trailers with multiple Smokers and Grills that will meet your needs in order to make you successful weather you are a backyard BBQ Chef or involved in BBQ Competitions, Restraint or Catering.

Smokers, Grills, Custom Builds, Custom Parts,
Digital Temperature Control
Pit Temp Control
Wood Chart
We build Custom Smokers and Pits, and are the Inventor of The Porkinator!
Revolutionary Way To Shred Your Pulled Pork
 The Porkinator is an amazing food processing utensil that shreds a pork butt in a fraction of the time you would normally spend pulling it by hand.
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KAT Custom Patio 60" x 24" Smokers
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36"x 20" Reverse Flow Smoker
1,125 sq. inches of cooking area
48"x 20" Reverse Flow Smoker
1,452 sq. inches of cooking area
48"x 24" Reverse Flow Smoker
1,827 sq. inches of cooking area
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California Reverse Flow

 Smoker Builder
KAT's NEW 48" x 24" Insulated Vault Smokers
KAT BBQ Smokers NEW Competition Vault Smoker (Insulated) This smoker is an set it and forget it cooker. It uses vary little fuel compared to the traditional Offset Smoker with the same or better results. This is a Great cooker for those how would like to compete, cater or just want a great performing and looking smoker. You can cook 12-15 pork buts, 5 19lbs briskets, 15-20 racks of ribs. With the ash pan connected to the sliding charcoal basket you do not have to worry about dropping ashes on the ground when adding fuel or just checking the burn. We integrated 2 Probe hole on the side so you don't damage your probe wires by closing them in the door. You get a digital thermometer ThermoWorks DOT for fast and very accurate temperature readings. All mounted on 4 swivel 5" casters for easy mobility.
KAT Customs 36" & 48" Smokers
The Cook
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Retro Fit your smoker with digital accuracy using the ThermoWorks DOT
Stainless Steel Mount
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